Tuesday, February 15, 2005

RSA Keynotes: Security Software Shootout!!

Not only is Symantec ready for Microsoft's looming invasion of its (security) turf, its feisty CEO John Thompson is positively spoiling for a fight (Business Week Online, 2/15/04)

Bill Gates, CEO Microsoft - Keynote Excerpts:

On Spyare: "Spyware [is] something we've got to nip now before it gets worse than it is today," Gates said. "And I'm very excited that we've got this technology, and it really addresses what is a burning need for our users."

On Security for Win & IE: "That is the top priority for Microsoft, the top priority in terms of our R&D, the top priority in terms of our communications with customers," Gates said. "And I can see that that will remain our top priority, because it's the one thing we need to make sure we get absolutely right."
John Thompson, CEO Symantec - Keynote Excerpts:
On Microsoft: "I could try to be like Bill and show you product demos or talk about our product road map, but I thought our time together would be better spent if we took a more strategic view of what we do," Thompson said.

On Microsoft: Thompson says he wants to fight Microsoft in the marketplace. "We know we can whip 'em," he said in a meeting with press and analysts after his keynote. "Whining in Washington? What value is that?"


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