Tuesday, February 08, 2005

MSFT Security Acq. #4

Microsoft announced plans to buy Sybari for an undisclosed sum ('twas $150M). Sybari accelerates third-party e-mail gateway AV products. Sybari does not have AV products of its own. Sybari enables customers to run multiple AV engines at the e-mail gateway.

Microsoft . . . Security.
Expect MSFT to launch its own AV product and Sybari offers the company a vehicle for slipstreaming it into the enterprise. Highly doubt many customers would put MSFT at the e-mail gateway on a stand-alone basis (at least in the near term) but can definitely see MSFT entering the market as part of an AV suite.

Modest implications for McAfee and Symantec.
The purchase is another move from MSFT for getting into enterprise AV but Sybari only plays in a 20% subset of the enterprise AV market. MSFT has a much longer uphill battle ahead of it to repair its reputation in security circles.

Another MSFT Security Acquisition.
MSFT has acquired FOUR security companies in the last 2 years and Sybari at estimated $150M cash is the largest; however, MSFT products continue to be successfully hacked and this continues to be increasingly benevicial for McAfee, Symanted, CheckPoint and the other pure-play vendors.



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