Thursday, January 06, 2005

M&A All Wrong!!!


On December 14th, 2004 Microsoft announced acquisition of GIANT - leader in spyware detection/removal tools.

On December 16th, 2004 Sunbelt software, a Florida software startup, announced that they co-own the Giant Anti-Spyware code and all future defintion updates.

"This is fantastic news for us because we co-own the Giant code and all future
definition updates," Sunbelt president Alex Eckelberry said in an interview with "We now get the benefit of the Microsoft research on anti-spyware to give us, bar-none, the best anti-spyware signature database on the market."
According to industry experts:

Attorney Steve Frank (Testa Hurwitz) doubts that Microsoft would have been so
cavalier, had it known about Sunbelt's rights to the Giant code. "These are
exactly the kinds of things that come out of the woodwork when there's lots of
money on the table," he says. "This will come as most unwelcome news.",1759,1743722,00.asp,aid,118994,00.asp


Only $25.98 Used on!!! :)

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