Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The (Desktop) Search for Profits!!

BW analysis is very similar to my earlier post on the topic. Refer to Cotton Green blog "Desktop Search - Precedent is Free!!!" posted Jan. 10, 2005.


BW analysis explores the possibility of a business model associated with customized advertising based on results of a desktop search ie. desktop search tool scans your HD and then provides customized ads based on results. Will this work?

It's a critical new niche in the lucrative search market. While searching for information across the billions of documents on the Internet has become relatively easy, locating a Microsoft Word file on one's own hard drive can still prove thorny. Solving this problem for customers could build brand loyalty that will spill over into Internet search, where there are billions to be made through selling targeted advertisements linked to search results.
Another hypothesis explored is that desktop search is a step towards - "Universal Search" - query all media (file, email, web etc.) from a single location. Once this is attained . . monetization will follow. Will this work?
Solving the desktop search headaches may be the first such step in that direction. "Universal search is the Holy Grail," says Chris Sherman, editor of SearchDay. "We're finally getting some movement in that direction."
Regardless, desktop search has quickly become a strategic necessity in the competitive search space and the winner must quickly find a way to make it pay. My bet is on Idealab startup X1 - "Breaking the Found Barrier" (www.x1.com). The "find-as-you-type" search and "quick background indexing" technologies provide for users the fastest desktop search tool across multiple object types and protocols. These technologies allow for your search to be completed even before you complete entry of your search request.

Find out how . . . try the free download and you will never go back - http://www.x1.com/download/

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